About us:
Rashbi Wings is a new venture that was built on years-long experience working in the tourism industry with the chareidi, dati, and traditional populace. We understand their needs and sensitivities when they are planning a visit to the Kever of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, graves of other tzadikim, nature sites and vacations in the north.
The founders and operators of Rashbi Wings are residents of the community of Or HaGanuz - Rashbi located close to Kever Rashbi.
The kollel avreichim in Or HaGanuz and Kever Rashbi both study Torah and work for their livelihood. They include pilots, jeep drivers, tour
guides and tour operators.

Rashbi Wings’ complex airlift system for Lag B'Omer 5768 was launched after months of preparation and intense coordination with the authorities.

Rashbi Wings offers airplane and helicopter flight services from the center of the country to the north, flight tours of the Galilee, jeep tours of northern Israel’s beautiful vistas and kivrei tzadikim, hospitality and vacation plans — all according to mehadrin standards.

We offer mehadrin kosher meals with attractions that comply with tznius requirements, to ensure that these services are suitable for Torah scholars and religious families.
Together with our additional services and information, Rashbi Wings offers the perfect solution for visitors to the north.

Our many package deals cover every situation — individuals, families, groups, yeshivos and high schools who want a one-day trip or a several day vacation. We provide a variety of activities all under one roof.